I am a Fine Art photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska. Creating compelling stories by documenting my thoughts and experiences with only a pen, notebook and camera is a deeply meditative process. The longer I photograph the more I realize the process is as much about becoming more self-aware as it is learning about and documenting other people and places.

Technical Notes

I prefer to work quickly while being as inconspicuous as possible, and the diminutive Leica M system allows me to effortlessly work in this style. A firm believer that less is more, my small bag contains only a pen, Moleskine notebook, one camera and two prime lenses.

While the majority of my work is now captured digitally, any manipulation is limited to slight cropping, dodging and burning, minor color adjustment or conversion to monochrome. The power of photography lies in presenting the world as it is - raw, beautiful and tragic; marvelous and imperfect; vibrant and dark.