Saint Cecilia's Cathedral


Situated atop the crest of one of Omaha's rolling hills, the stately cupolas of Saint Cecilia's Cathedral can be seen from miles away. The structure was designed by Thomas Roberts Kimball, a prominent American architect who studied at the University of Nebraska before relocating to Massachusettes and studying at M.I.T. Construction of the cathedral began in 1905, but it was not consecrated until completed in 1959; Archbishop Richard Scannell had insisted that the construction would proceed only as funds became available. The architectural style is Spanish Renaissance Revival, which was uncommon for a Roman Catholic church in the early twentieth century.

The dramatic voluted curves, present on the cupolas and surrounding the nave, serve as a major unifying element of the structure. All of the embellished niches, rusticated columns and volutes create a fascinating play of light and shadow in the hard morning sunlight. Sometimes a photograph begs to be taken.